Pakistan + 21 more

Polio this week as of 13 November 2019


  • Besides Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance and Environmental surveillance, how else do disease surveillance officers track the poliovirus in populated cities, hard-to-reach geographical areas and in conflict zones? Find out here.

  • With the current VDPV outbreaks in the Philippines, the Government with the support of GPEI and other partners is working hard to tackle the virus. The Government has pledged US$ 9 million in domestic resources and has to date disbursed US$ 6.7 million, complemented by contributions from the GPEI. Read the country’s latest situation report.

  • Summary of new viruses this week (AFP cases and ES positives): Pakistan— two WPV1 cases, three WPV1-positive environmental samples, seven cVDPV2 cases and nine cVDPV2 positive environmental samples; Nigeria – one cVDPV2 case; Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo)- eight cVDPV2 cases; Angola— three cVDPV2 cases; Chad— two cVDPV2 community contacts; Côte d’Ivoire- one cVDPV2 positive environmental sample.