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Polio this week as of 13 May 2020


  • The GPEI has released an updated guide that synthesizes and references new evidence and recommendations to help ensure continuity of the programme’s operations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic – certain countries are facing stock-outs of bi-valent Oral Polio Vaccine (bOPV) for their essential immunization services. To address this, the program has circulated a Statement on the use of bOPV supplied for Supplementary Immunization Activities (SIAs) in routine immunization activities.

  • The WHA will take place on 18-19 May over video conference. While discussions will focus on COVID-19 and items essential for business continuity, reports on Polio Eradication and Polio Transition have been made available to Member States. The polio report provides an overview of the epidemiological situation and highlights the Executive Board (EB) decision adopted earlier this year on the Strategy for Control of cVDPV2 2020–2021, including the roll-out of nOPV2 under Emergency Use Listing (EUL).

  • Summary of new viruses this week (AFP cases and environmental samples):

    • Afghanistan: one WPV1 case
    • Pakistan: four WPV1 cases, 13 WPV1 positive environmental samples
    • Somalia: three cVDPV2 positive environmental samples
    • Chad: two cVDPV2 cases
    • Cote d’Ivoire: One cVDPV2 case