PIPHRO Rapid Assessment Report - Heavy Rain in District Badin, 13 - 20 Aug 2011


Badin Overview

Badin district is the tail of Pakistan with a population of about 1.3 m in the far south of the country. Because of its location as the last destination all water flows in the upper and lower Sindh and vulnerable to torrential rains of the Indian coastal line it is vulnerable to the damages caused by heavy monsoon rains and as is the most badly affected district by heavy rains.

Main left bank out fall drain passes from Badin so it brings agricultural and industrial drain water from whole of Sindh into the district. During heavy rains these drains overflow or breaches occur, as the water flows into the crops and villages causing population displacement, housing damages, food and health problems for the local communities.

The rain started on 9th August and continued for 46 hours continuously without any pause, which disrupted the normal life of the District. There are 05 Talukas in the district i.e. Badin,
Golarchi, Tando Bago, Talhar and Matli, as Badin, Tando Bago and Golarchi are badly hit by recent rains. A total of 414 relief camps have been established by revenue department in the district till filing of the report, as there are some spontaneous camps in affected areas, not designated officially. In these camps a total of 144,712 people are residing (25,115 families, 29,073 males, 30,411 females and 85,228 children).