Pakistan: Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report - IDP hosting districts, NWFP, week 22, 23 - 29 May 2009

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- Four alerts and one outbreak received and responded during week 22(23-29 May, 2009)

- Overall Acute Diarrhoea reported in 7451 (12%) of total consultations in all age groups and from all IDP hosting districts

Acute Diarrhoea in children less than 5 years age reported in 23% of the total consultation in the age group and (9%) in above 5 years of the consultations

ARI is the leading cause of consultations accounting for 13943 (23%) of all reported consultations

One hundred Sixty-two (162) DEWS reporting Units reported 61174 consultations in IDP hosting districts of NWFP during the week

1. DEWS Reporting Units and Consultations:

Weekly DEWS reports received from 162 dews reporting sites recording a total of 61174 patient consultations in the IDP hosting districts (Peshawar, Mardan, Nowshera and Charrsada) in NWFP in week 22, 2009. The data is collected through the fixed health facilities in the IDP camps, mobile clinics and public health facilities in the IDP hosting districts. Since the IDP started as a result of the conflict in late August (Epidemiological week 35, 2008) to week 22, 2009 total 1,454,355 patient consultations have been recorded in DEWS from the IDP hosting districts in NWFP. Fourteen fixed health facilities at the IDP camps, 4 Mobile clinics and 144 Public Health Facilities, in the IDPs hosting districts shared the weekly reports in due time. The reports from districts Lower Dir and Malakand agency not received for the last four weeks due to the ongoing Military operation. The overall weekly reporting increased during the week. Table 1 and figure 1 showing the weekly pattern of DEWS reporting and number of consultations reported during the la st four weeks from the four IDP hosting districts.