Pakistan: Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report - IDP hosting and crisis affected districts, NWFP, week 10, 6 - 12 Mar 2010



- Seven alerts (five for suspected Measles and two for suspected H1N1) received during the Epidemiological week 10, 2010 and responded.

- During this week, 479 health facilities in the DEWS network reported 156,169 patient consultations

- Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARI) accounted for a total of 48,822 (32%) patient consultations and continues to be the leading cause of morbidity.

- Acute Diarrhea reported in 10,870 (7%) of the total patient visits in all age groups. In the children below 5 years age Diarrhea accounts for 13% of the consultations and in patients above 5 years age diarrhea reported in 5% of the patient visits

- In children less than 5 year age, ARI accounts for 17,382 (44%) of the total consultations in the age group.

- In week 10, 2010, sixty-five DEWS sites reported 2,087 Ante Natal visits.