Pakistan Weekly Market Monitor Report - 9 February 2021

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• Weekly average retail prices update as of 4th of February 2021 indicates overall the prices of staple cereals and non-cereals foods experienced negligible to slight fluctuations when compared to the previous week’s prices;

• Cereals: (wheat, wheat flour, rice Irri-6 and rice Basmati). Overall, the average retail prices of wheat and wheat flour decreased negligibly while the prices of rice Irri-6 and rice Basmati increased negligibly from the previous week;

• Non-cereals: overall, compared to the previous week, the average retail prices of essential non-cereals registered slight increases for live chicken, cooking oil, pulse Mash, pulse Gram and vegetable ghee along with negligible increases for pulses Masoor and Moong. Whereas, a slight decrease was noted in the price of eggs and a negligible decrease in the price of sugar from the previous week;

• Terms-of-Trade: The average ToT negligibly increased by 0.1% from the previous week.