Pakistan Weekly Market Monitor Report - 13 October 2020

Situation Report
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• Weekly average retail prices update as of 8 th of October 2020 indicates overall the prices of staple cereals and non-cereals foods experienced negligible to slight fluctuations, except for eggs which experienced a significant increase, when compared to the previous week’s prices;

• Cereals: (wheat, wheat flour, rice Irri-6 and rice Basmati). Overall, the average retail prices for wheat and wheat flour slightly increased along with negligible increases in the prices of rice Irri-6 and rice Basmati from the previous week;

• Non-cereals: overall, compared to the previous week, the average retail prices of essential non-cereals registered a significant increase for eggs along with a slight increase for live chicken and negligible increases for sugar, cooking oil, pulses gram and Masoor. Whereas, negligible decreases were noted in the prices of pulses Mash and Moong while the price of vegetable ghee remained unchanged from the previous week;

• The average ToT slightly decreased by 4% from the previous week.