Pakistan Situation Report # 01, January - June 2016

Originally published



· In 2016, UNICEF humanitarian support continued for displaced and returning families in KP & FATA, and children and women affected by drought in Sindh.

· Over 151, 000 families (50 per cent of displaced population) have returned to government declared safe areas in FATA since March 2015. 45,000 families returned in the first half of 2016.

· In March 2016, UNICEF supported nutrition sites in drought affected Tharparker district were handed over to provincial Department of Health, these services will continue under the Government’s Nutrition PC1. UNICEF support to Stabilization Centers will continue along with support to nutrition sites in 22 Union Councils of Jamshoro district,

· In KP & FATA UNICEF supported water, sanitation and hygiene services benefitted 136,052 displaced persons (34,693 girls, 33,333 boys, 34,693 women & 33,333 men) with no outbreak of water borne diseases reported from affected areas.

· 87,860 displaced children (including 49.6 per cent girls), are enrolled in UNICEF supported schools in camps, displaced and returning areas in KP & FATA.

· In conflict affected areas in KP & FATA 203,153 children were vaccinated against measles.

· In KP & FATA 51,450 children (23,258 girls), 15,300 women and 9,172 men benefitted from UNICEF supported child protection services during the reporting period.

· UNICEF through Department of Health and partners scaled up nutrition interventions through 188 nutrition sites in hosting and return areas of KP & FATA