Pakistan: Request for humanitarian assistance to civilian exodus in Swat

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Rising of Militancy and Talibanization in the area:

District Swat has been has been under the spell of Talibanization, Militancy and terrorism for the last three years. A powerful cleric and head of the prototype Taliban,Mullana Fazlullah holds considerable sway over the conservative population of the region and led a campaign based in Swat denouncing television cum cable network and satellite receiver, music, polio drops, women empowerment, European life style and education for girls through statements in local and national mass media and speeches on his illegal clandestine FM Radio station and so far ravaged up 189 government, semi government and public sector schools and colleges and completely imposed ban on girls education in the area after 15th January,2009 . Taliban prototype made innocent people easy prey of their selfish ends by blasting several suicide attacks, slaughtering and target killing resulting in bloodshed and turmoil in the region. The same negative tendencies are also exhibiting its influence in other district of the Malakand region in particular and the whole province in general In order to extend the terror & anarchy and to promulgate their own defined Islamic sharia these Talibans disseminated anonymous threatening letters to different segments of the society. After the wake of these letters they proved it practically and blown up 189 girls and boys' schools, video Shops, law enforcement personals, camps, offices and vehicles and slaughtered /is slaughtering security personnel and innocent civilian in the city squares, who do not abide their orders. The area is completely under the clouds of terror and uncertainty. No one is allowed to enjoy the basic human rights. People have no rights to freedom of expression, conscious, thoughts, movement, choice and life style.

Even the barbers and saloons shops owners are threatened to stop sheaving and cutting hair in English/ European style. If they do not accede to the orders there shops will be blown out via timed bomb or slaughtered. Girls' schools and college's administration also received such letters warning them to use a special type of veil "Burqa shuttle cock and now issue decree to all the educational institution to stop girl's education in their respective schools and colleges. Medical representatives and other officials who wear shirt and jeans as a uniform are not allowed to wear it and thus shun them from their routine activities. The socio economic condition of the region is really on the threshold of collapse.