Pakistan: Report on Shangla earthquake response project

Situation Report
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In Pakistan, the earthquake that struck on the morning of October 8, 2005 left widespread destruction in its wake, killing at least 73,000 people, severely injuring another 70,000, and leaving 2.8 million people without shelter. AJK and eastern NWFP were dealt the most serious blow and have suffered extensive damage to economic assets and infrastructure, with social service delivery, commerce, and communications either debilitated or destroyed. Vulnerable groups, mainly women and children living in inaccessible mountain areas with low levels of income and service provision, have borne the brunt of the earthquake's impact. In addition to the enormous human toll, the earthquake and its aftermath will pose a large cost to Pakistan. The overall cost associated with the earthquake is estimated at approximately US$5.2 billion, which includes estimated costs for relief, livelihood support for victims, and reconstruction. Swat Youth Front like other humanitarian and relief organizations started its operations in the worst earthquake affected areas. Swat Youth Front responded immediately to emergency relief needs of the affected areas with provision of temporary shelter, non-food items and health services. Swat Youth Front is now in the second phase of emergency relief supply and also planning for rehabilitation on long term basis in addition to distribution of tents, quilts/blankets and NFIS to affected families in 06 Union Councils of district Shangla.

Swat Youth Front efforts are supported by staff from Swat Youth Front Head Office located at Mingora Swat, The organization is also working in close collaboration with Oxfam GB. SYF trying its best to put in place necessary systems, procedures and polices related to administration, human resource management, procurement, and financial management to ensure compliance to requirement of donors and can provide timely and effective relief and rehabilitation assistance to the earthquake affected communities. This has been made possible due to technical and financial support from of the international partner organizations close coordination, Botyal, Opal, Dandai, Shung, Sarkool and Ranyal are the 06 union councils of District Shangla which are the target areas selected by Swat Youth Front. Emergency relief supplies, i.e., tents, non-food items, blankets, and plastic sheets are being provided to the earthquake affected communities. In addition to this gaps are filled to provide relief in areas which are neglected by Government and other INGOs and are in great need. Highlights of the relief activities carried out by Swat Youth Front during reporting period are as follows:

1. 2529 winterized tents

2. 1000 hygiene kits

3. 7838 Blankets

4. 3115 Plastic Sheets

5. 984 Lanterns

6. 3488 Mates

7. 504 GI Cans

In order to provide the above mentioned relief goods to the effected families Oxfam GB support Swat Youth Front not only financially but even technical when and where needed. Swat Youth Front Regional office in Besham is keeping close coordination with Swat Youth Front head office in Swat and sharing information related to all management issues and program activities carried out in the field areas. The successful completion of heavy task i.e relief phase was the out come of regular support by Oxfam team at Shangla.

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