Pakistan: Refugee schools closed due to financial constraints

PESHAWAR (inp): An order has been issued in Pakistan for closure of the schools running in open space in Afghan refugee camps.

A report issued said that nearly 95 schools have been closed due to financial reasons and some schools have given a deadline of June 30. These schools were opened in 1980 to educate the Afghan Refugees children. The UNHCR and Afghan Commissioner Aid were jointly taking care of these schools. At present the step has been limited to NWFP as most of the Afghan refugees have been living there.

On contact an official of the Afghan Consulate in Peshawar, Abdul Khalique Farahi said that he has requested the government of Pakistan to review the decision.

On the other hand he contacted the UNHCR and appealed to them that there have millions of Afghans in Pakistan and it is yet not possible for them to leave or settle themselves there in Afghanistan therefore, the education facility in Pakistan should be extended for them.

The foreign agency report further revealed that most of the Afghan refugees, whose children were getting education in these schools, are very much worried and they were of the view that even if they leave Pakistan instantly, there would be no school available for their children in Afghanistan.

That is why they should be given some time and as the educational year finishes and by the time they make some arrangements for the admission of their children in Afghanistan then it would be possible.

Out of all the schools closed or notices have been issued to, 57 are middle schools and 21 are higher secondary schools including O' and A' level. It also included 14 girls schools.


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