Pakistan: Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas RAHA | 2009 - 2017

from Government of Pakistan, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Dec 2017 View Original


For nearly four decades, Pakistan has hosted the largest number of refugees worldwide. The socioeconomic, financial, environmental and political consequences associated with such protracted refugee presence have placed a heavy burden on Pakistan and contributed to a growing sense of asylum fatigue in the host communities.

To address these challenges, the Government of Pakistan along with ten UN agencies, with support from the EU and the Government of Japan, Germany, the United States, Denmark, and Australia piloted a five-year program of targeted assistance delivered to aid local Pakistani communities and the Afghan refugee population.

The objectives were as follows:-

  • To provide development and humanitarian assistance to these groups;

  • To build bridge between the Afghan refugees and Pakistani community;

  • To extend the protection space until durable solution are achieved;

  • To improve livelihoods and rehabilitate the environment;