Pakistan Red Crescent Response Summary - Earthquake October 2015 (as of 28th Oct 2015)



Details of Pakistan Red Crescent Actions

Actions Taken

• PRC retains advantage of being present in entire Pakistan with its disaster preparedness stocks at district level.

• Advantage was fully utilized and response has already been initiated.

• Control Rooms established at NHQ and all Provincial branches to monitor the situation • Information and EW messages are being sent frequently

• In total 14 x Need Assessment teams comprised of around 100 trained persons in Disaster management and rapid response are being deployed by the branches to carry out need assessment.

• 11 teams out of 15 affected districts of KP while 2 teams of FATA, one each at Bajaur and Mohmandand 1 x trained team from Gilgit to cater Diamer & Ghizer are presently doing working the field.

• Coordination meetings at NHQ with ICRC, IFRC and PNSs

• PRC 1 x each ambulance deployed at DHQ Dir and Shangla continued to transport referral patients. Likewise 1 x ambulance of Battagram is being deployed at DCO office to cater the transportation of patents from Tor ghur area

• DMIS updated and PRC situation Report shared with all stakeholders

• NDRT teams were alerted throughout the country

• DREF document ready to be launched