Pakistan: Rapid assessment of disastrous rains and flood effect district Qamber-Shahdadkot, Sindh

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1. Background

The rains have brought great disasters in Sindh and Balochitan provinces of Pakistan. Similarly such disaster has also occurred in District Qamber Shahdadkot of Sindh. This is not first time that the areas of this part of country are flooded but these floods also came in Shahdadkot and Qubo Saeed Khan areas in 1840, 1856, 1874, 1942, 1948, 1976 and 1994. In that time whole the areas were in the attack of Indus River and Mountain torrents water. At present once again the western parts of Shahdadkot and Qubo Saeed Khan are under the attack of a Great Flood.

The flood water of Bolan River and Mulla River has spread in the plains of Kachhi and Nari Areas. These are the major rivers of Balochistan that can damage and destroy a large number of Human Habitations, Agriculture and Live stock with Villages and Towns of various sizes. 7 other Hill Torrents like Harahan, Buz, Alkah, Mardan, Narani, Durb and Khenji Nais have brought an immense destruction in Both Shahdadkot and Qubo Saeed Khan Talukas. The water is found around Jhal Magsi Gandawah, Kot Magsi and Bagh Head and its flow crossing towards Qubo Saeed Khan, Sahahdadkot, Wareh and Qamber tehsils of the district (the list of affected villages is given below). The people have migrated on large scale from their homes to secure places like city of Shahdadkot, Qamber, Mirokhan, Gharikhero, Rato dero, Sijawal and all over in Sindh.