Pakistan: The Quetta earthquake - Humanitarian relief activities of Turkish Red Crescent

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With a view to providing humanitarian aid to the affected people by the earthquake which struck early in the morning of October 29, 2008 in Baluchistan and caused 176 people lost their lives, 312 injured and left over 20.000 people homeless, Turkish Red Crescent, immediately deployed 5 relief staff to Quetta for making a need assessment on 29th and 30th October, 2008. The quake caused huge devastation in Killi Wam, Orchum, Kahan, Kawas, Zarand and Killi Ahmadun villages in Ziarat and left 7,000 families (45,110 persons) homeless only in District Ziarat. Killi Wam was the most affected village where 80 people died and all houses have been collapsed. In Pashin, which is the second mostly affected place by quake, 4 deaths have been reported while 200 have been injured.



Turkish Red Crescent, in the awake of the earthquake that struck Ziarat, Balochistan on October 29th, started the immediate relief operation with a view to alleviate human suffering of the victims of the quake.

As an initial response, Turkish Red Crescent provided food items and hygiene kits to the Earthquake affected population of District Ziarat worth of 50,000 USD.

In close coordination with Pakistan Red Crescent Society, the Turkish Red Crescent deployed 5 expatriates (TRC's Relief Delegates) and 6 national staff based at Islamabad and Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir to Ziarat and Quetta for carrying out disaster relief and rehabilitation operation in the Balochistan Earthquake affected areas.

Based on the initial information, for 1.000 affected families, Turkish Red Crescent started to procurement of food rations, (each package composed of 20 kg wheat flour, 5 kg rice, 5 kg bean, 5 kg sugar, 2.5 lt cooking oil, 1 kg salt and 1 kg tea, in total 40 kg) from Queatta and dispatched to Ziarat which is the mostly affected place by quake.