Pakistan: Project NOC Factsheet for KP and FATA (Source: NGOs and UN) (October - December 2015)

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Key Findings:

Of a total of 70 project NOCs applied by 21 national NGOs and 9 INGOs. 26% were approved, 4% were refused while 48 remained in process between October – December 2015.

• Of 27 NOC applications for FATA, 4 were approved, 2 refused and 21 in process.

• Of 43 NOC applications for KP, 14 were approved, 28 in process and only one refused.

• The average processing time for KP was 9 weeks, which is 3 times lesser than previous quarter but still 3 weeks higher than ofcial declared 6 weeks. The range of processing NOC varies from 1 to 38 weeks.

The average processing time for FATA was 6 weeks which is slightly higher than the previous quarter but within ofcial declared timeframe. The range of processing NOC varies from 1 to 11 weeks.

Source: NOC data was collected from 21 national NGOs. While PHF provided the data from 9 INGOs.
This data is representative of the total NOC application information.

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