Pakistan: Plan to cope with flood threat finalized

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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Water and Power has finalized all the arrangement to protect the lives and properties of the people during flood season as the major rivers are likely to experience high floods during monsoon season.

The Ministry of Water and Power has issued instructions to all the provinces and closely monitoring all the relief activities regularly to protect the lives and properties of the people during the Hood season.

Flood Forecasting and Warning Center at Lahore has become operational and the district flood control centers have also been set up in the districts, The strict vigilance has to be ensured by all agencies connected with (he flood management in all till; areas.

Police Wireless Control at Lahore is also, functioning on 24-hour basis to receive and pass on the flood information/warning lo all the civil and other concerned officers. The people in the expected flood areas would be informed through district flood control centers well in time for their safe dislocation.

The Spokesman of the Ministry of Water and Power has stated that all related agencies are ceased of the situation and complete vigil and round-the-clock monitoring and patrolling of Hood hands and spurs, especially the critical ones arc being made by the Field formations of Provincial Irrigation Departments and also releases from the reservoirs of Tarbela and Mangla are being made judiciously in the perspective of effective river flood management. High-ranking teams conducted the pre-flood inspection of all flood Bunds, protection works and breaching section, besides special arrangements

Of water and patrolling, lighting, stocking of flood fighting material Bunds and spur locations to ensure their safety.

The Provincial governments have been asked for ensuring complete removal of all encroachments from respective river Khadir well before the onslaught of floods season, ensuring well organized monitoring system by the provinces and federal line agencies for the safety of bunds, particularly along the vulnerable/high risk river reaches in coordination with Pak army.

The provincial governments have also been asked to ensure complexion all the on-going flood works. The Minister, Liaqat Ali Jatoi has constituted a committee headed by Secretary Water and Power with the representatives of all the provinces, AJK, NAs with a mandate to devise and prepare a comprehensive plan for flood protection on countrywide basis based on long term planning.

Besides, the safety measures, the government is making all out efforts to provide relief to the people of affected areas. The Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has announced a relief package of Rs 100 million for the rehabilitation of flood-affected people of the Nowshera.

The Federal Minister for Water and Power Liaqat Ali Jatoi had also distributed relief goods during his visit to affected areas of Nowshera.

Emergency Relief Cell of the Cabinet division has dispatched relief goods to the affected areas. More relief goods will he sent to the affected areas as per requirements, following the directions by the prime minister, the spokesman added.

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