Pakistan: Plan 2010-2011 (MAAPK002)


Executive summary

This plan seeks to provide support to the core programmes of Pakistan Red Crescent Society for the coming two years, 2010-2011. The plan focuses on four core areas: disaster management, health and care, organisational development and the promotion of humanitarian principles and values.

This is the first annual plan for four years, as since the emergency appeal for a massive earthquake was launched in October 2005, there has been no International Federation secretariat annual plan to support the core work of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). During this period there have been four emergency appeals for Pakistan: the earthquake emergency appeal (October 2005), cyclone Yemyin/floods emergency appeal (July 2007), Baluchistan earthquake emergency appeal (November 2008) and an emergency appeal to provide humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons (June 2009). Capacity building support has been provided through the emergency appeals, and the 2005 earthquake appeal has been extended until the end of 2010.

In the past couple of years, the security situation in Pakistan has been quite volatile. Since May 2009, the government has been carrying out a military operation against the militants in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Malakand division and Swat district, which has internally displaced more than two million people, leading to one of the biggest internally displaced crises in recent world history. The PRCS, with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Federation and partner national societies, is providing support in this humanitarian crisis.

The security situation has also made it difficult for humanitarian organizations to carry out their work. The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is doing its utmost to maintain its neutral and independent humanitarian action (NIHA) approach in a very complex environment, where the humanitarian space is diminishing. The conflict is expected to prolong and the operating boundaries are continuously evolving, at times making it difficult for the Movement to continue its humanitarian activities within planned time-frames.

During the past four years, and with the experience gained in disasters, PRCS has greatly strengthened its capacity, and is now well recognised in the country as a leading humanitarian organisation. This 2010-2011 plan builds on the experience and achievements gained, and aims to enable PRCS to be even better able to serve vulnerable communities. With the risk of large scale natural disasters as well as manmade disasters, the main focus of this plan is towards building safer communities following an integrated programming approach. Integration of all the programmes will be crucial in serving the most vulnerable.

The target number of people to be reached through this 2010-11 plan is 5,107,070. Out of these, 672,770 will be reached directly, and 4,434,300 will be reached indirectly.

Total people to be reached
Disaster management
Organizational development
Humanitarian values

The total budget for 2010 is CHF 2,134,583 (USD 2.06 million or EURO 1.40 million) and for 2011 is CHF 3,830,183 (USD 3.71 million or EUR 2.52 million).