Pakistan: PDMA-KP Special Report: Avalanche/landslide incidents in District Chital (Period Covered: 1100 hours 18th February, 2017- 1630 hours 19th Feb 2017)



A number of separate incidents of Avalanches and landslides were recorded during last 24 hours in different parts of District Chitral. The first incident took place at Rech valley near Booni on the night between 17th and 18th February, 2017. The incident resulted in 01 death and injuries to 03 others. This was followed by another incident of landslide on the North portal of Lawri Tunnel trapping 14 personnel of SAMBU Company’s workshop. District Administration Chitral, Chitral Scouts, Pak Army and SAMBU Company mounted rescue and relief operations, rescuing 7 of the 14 alive while 7 others (3 from Darosh and 4 from Punjab) unfortunately lost their lives. 5 of the injured personnel were shifted to Mastuj Hospital and while the remaining two to Peshawar.

Elsewhere in Tehsil Mulkhuh, roofs of 5 houses caved in due to heavy snowfall, however, fortunately all the houses had been vacated earlier and thus no loss of life was reported.

Following actions have been undertaken so far:

i. Provincial Emergency Operation Center (PEOC) has been activated.

ii. PDMA coordinated with Local Administration and PAK Army for the planed rescue and relief operation in the area.

iii. All stakeholders are being regularly updated about progress of operation iv. PDMA is continuously monitoring the situation.

2. Preliminarily losses/damages reported:

Human losses:

  • Dead: 8

  • Injured: 10

  • House Damages: 5