Pakistan: New update Report From District Barkhan Balochistan

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District Barkhan is facing the monsoon raining since third week of month 22, July,2010 which proves very dangerous for the lives, property and animal. This rain was recorded on 88 m.m.

The major Damage occurred due to continuously raining is that, the BibarTuk Dam Broken which is situated 10 kilometer away from Barkhan.

The Rain water changed into flood and killed 20 person including women & children's and 30 are still missing. The flood has washed the roads & the highly effected areas are cutt off from Districts . Due to flood there is no way to reach the persons which are highly effected.

District the water flow of Dam rains to the agriculture sector. Specially to the standing crops of tomato chilies damages, 450 houses damaged and almost 1000 house hold are seriously effected and this direct affect the lives of people because most of population of Barkhan depends on agriculture. Another Damaging sector is livestock. In which the flood of Dam water killed the 3000 and above sheep's, 50 and above cows, 5-six buffaloes and camels were drown by water. The District Management and livestock department are not ready to help peoples due to lack of funding to district.

The peoples of Barkhan District are not provided the Basic facilities and they tend to live under the naked sky. The Disaster has highly affected the union councils of Barkhan like Saddar, and Nahar Kot. The peoples are still waiting for immediate help from government and NGOs sector. This Disaster has affected physically of peoples. They are mentally depressed.

The people have loss their homes also and waiting for help, for basic needs, which are followings. Tents, Drinking Waters, Foods, Medicines etc. For the information Legal and Relief working committee of our Organization visited the effected area of Barkhan along with local organizer to rehabilitee maximum effected people but we need more help and your kind support.