Pakistan: NDMA Situation Report No. 12 Earthquake in Balochistan

Situation Report
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1. General.

Relief operation remained active on the eighth day of the disaster. Apart from relief and rescue operation, the efforts have also been extended to the assessment of losses, to facilitate initiating compensation process as early as possible. A brief account of activities is appended:-

2. Update

a. Employment of Military / CAF Resources & Civil Administration

(1) Manpower

(a) 1869x all ranks committed. 500 persons of Police employed

(b) 26 x Medical teams engaged out of which 18 x Medical Teams from Government of Balochistan

(c) 5 x Static Clinic and two Tertiary Hospitals engaged.

(d) 3 x Medical teams ex Army & CAF in village Kawas, Wan Kotli, and Verchum.

(e) 7 x teams ex Army carried out survey on damages in 10x villages.

(2) Material / Machinery

(a) 15 x Helicopters available / engaged upto 31 October 08.

(b) 16 x C-130 arrived carrying relief goods.

(c) Medicines and medical stores delivered to affected areas.

(d) 19 x Ambulances with emergency kit

(e) 9 x Dozers, 5 x Transporters, 3 x Excavators, 3 x Front end loaders and 2 x Graders employed

(f) Air/Road Transportation of Relief Stores Completed/ In Hand.

i. Blankets & Quilts:1,35,500

ii. Tents : 27,000

iii. Warm Jackets: 13,000

iv. Plastic Mats: 12,000

v. Sleeping Bags: 2193

vi Family Ration Packs: 10,000 (7 days food in each for one family)

vii. Ghee : 500 tin (5 Kg each)

viii. Rations. 91 ton