Pakistan: NDMA Situation Report No. 10 Earthquake in Balochistan


1. General.

 Brief account of the activities is appended below:-

2. Update

a.   Employment of Military / CAF Resources & Civil Administration.

As always the Armed Forces and FC are in the lead in the ongoing Relief Operations:-

(1)  Manpower    

(a) 1756 x all ranks committed. 150 persons of Police employed

(b) 26 x Medical teams engaged out of which 18 x Medical Teams from Government of Balochistan

(c)   5 x Static Clinic and two Tertiary Hospitals engaged.

(d)   3 x Medical teams ex Army & CAF in village Kawas, Wan Kotli, and Verchum.

(e)   Damage assessment in process through aerial/ground reconnaissance

(2)   Material / Machinery

(a) 13 x Helicopters available / engaged

(b)    10 x C-130 arrived carrying relief goods

(c)   Medicines and medical stores delivered to affected areas.

(d)   19 x Ambulances with emergency kit

(e) 9 x Dozer, 5 x Transporters, 3 x Excavators, 3 x Front end loaders and 2 x Graders employed

(f)   Air/Road Transportation of Relief Stores Completed/ in Hand.  

i.  Blankets & Quilts: 1,17,600  

ii. Tents: 7,000

iii.  Warm Jackets: 13,000

iv. Plastic Mats: 12,000

v.  Sleeping Bags: 2192

vi  Family Ration Packs : 10,000 (7 days food in each for one family)

vii. Ghee:  500 tin (5 Kg each) b.   Provision of Relief Items by Ministries / PDMAs