Pakistan: Monsoon Update, Issue 3 | 3-8 August 2013

• Countrywide heavy monsoon rains experienced from 31 July to 4 August triggered flash floods and caused widespread losses and damage across the country.

• The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) reports the rains have claimed 84 lives, displaced 81,674 people, affected 135,076 acres of crops, and damaged or destroyed 4,315 houses.

• District authorities, supported by Provincial Disaster Management Authorities and the NDMA, have provided assistance in affected areas to save lives and limit losses of crops, livestock and assets. The army and navy have supported search and rescue, and de-watering efforts.

• Heavy rainfall continues in north-eastern Punjab, causing flooding in Sialkot, Narowal and Gujrat districts along the water channels astride the Chenab and Ravi rivers.

• The humanitarian community stands ready to support ongoing relief efforts by the Government, as requested.

• Meteorological forecasts indicate relatively heavier rains are expected in upper Punjab and KP and moderate rains across western and southern parts of the country in the coming days.

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