Pakistan: Monsoon Flash Floods (MDRPK006) - Revised Emergency Appeal

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With this Revised Emergency Appeal, the budget has been revised down from CHF 92.6 million to CHF 88.2 million, assisting 900,000 people (130,000 families) beneficiaries for 36 months, and will be completed by 31 July 2013. This revision is based on the actual expected outcomes at the end of the appeal period and in addition includes a relocation of CHF 1,650,377 in support of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for its relief activities to assist communities affected by the floods in 2012. An unspent balance of CHF 4.4 million remains as a result of the revised budget and plans. In this regard, a proposal enabling unspent funds to be used – with the approval of donors and Movement partners – for the core activities of the National Society, will be prepared, describing how this balance would be used. The proposal will be communicated to the partners, with a request to transfer the balance to the Long Term Planning Framework for Pakistan (MAAPK002). A final report on the 2010 floods response will be made available by 31 October 2013 (three months after the end of the operation).

Appeal history:

· * A second revised emergency appeal was launched on 3 August 2012 for CHF 92.6 million to assist some 130,000 families (900,000 people) for 36 months.

· * A revised emergency appeal was launched on 15 November 2010 for CHF 130,673,677 (USD 133.8 mil or EUR 97.9 mil) to assist 130,000 families (some 900,000 people) for 24 months.

· * An emergency appeal was launched on 19 August 2010 for CHF 75,852,261 (USD 72.5 mil or EUR 56.3 mil) for 18 months to assist 130,000 flood-affected families (some 900,000 beneficiaries).

· * A preliminary emergency appeal was launched on 2 August 2010 for CHF 17,008,050 (USD 16,333,000 or EUR 12,514,600) for 9 months to assist 175,000 beneficiaries.

· * Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 250,000 (USD 239,406 or EUR 183,589) was allocated on 30 July 2010 to support the National Society’s response to the emergency.


This revision of the Floods 2010 emergency appeal (MDRPK006) presents a revised plan for the last phase of the appeal. The focus in the revision is on the results that could realistically be achieved in the last part of the programme in view of the timeframe of the appeal ending in July 2013.

The revision also includes the support to communities affected by the flooding which occurred in 2012. The sudden torrential rains at the end of August caused devastation again in large parts of the country and also hit the areas where the Integrated Recovery Programme (IRP) was implemented. On request of PRCS, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) supported the initiative of the National Society (NS) to participate in the relief activities for the affected. Part of the funds available under this appeal was allocated for the intervention.