Pakistan: Monsoon and Floods update sitrep No. 5


Tropical Cyclone Update

As per Pakistan Meteorological Department, it is the follow-up impact of the tropical cyclone that we have to contend with over the coming 12-18 hours, in terms of heavy to intermittent rains in the costal regions of Baluchistan with much focus on Kech district and going north to Khuzdar - Sibi. Though milder, the same pattern is likely to prevail in Sindh with Karachi having received cumulative 53 mm of rains. Intermittent rains in the coastal and upper regions of the province are anticpated.

Cyclone Impact

While there has been much focus so far on Karachi, and rightly so given the number of deaths which are reportedly still rising. A more clear picture of cyclone damage will emerge over next 3-4 days. There are remote areas of Balochsitan where segments of population are cut off or marooned and information sharing has been weak. Similarly the exact losses, both human and material, with regards to the vulnerable fishing communities along the coast cannot be ascertained now. However, based on information that we have, the situation is summarized as follows:-


- Kech (Turbat) and Hingol (Lasbela) river systems are in very high flood owing to intensive rains in the catchment areas.

- Secretary Irrigation Baluchistan last night confirmed water overflowing Sorap Dam, 8-10 KMs north of Turbat. Mirani Dam (252 feet) and a smaller Dukran Dam (north of Turbat) are fast reaching their optimum water storage capacity.

- Resultantly, there have been significant population relocations to safer areas in Turbat City, Gawador and other adjoining towns for safety reasons.

- Hingol River system has similarly affected Bela.

- There are reports of hundreds of collapsed rural houses with concomitant loss to livelihoods.

- The two major communication links, coastal and Karachi - Quetta highways have been cutoff and so is the case with many local links.

- Reportedly many fishermen are stranded in the high seas with Pakistan Navy and Coast Guards involved in rescue operations


- There are reports of 18 further deaths (unofficial) in Karachi as light to heavy rains continue to impede efforts for brining normalcy including restoration of electric supply.

- Light rains also continue in the coastal and upper regions of the province

- More than 30 relief camps are operating in Karachi and the coastal disitrcts. However, many cyclone affectees have started to return to their homes with the danger subsiding.


- Sindh. Unofficial 250 approximately in Karachi through conflicting accounts are appearing. Official 72 (those matched with national registration record to facilitate compensation). A Committee set up by the Sindh government is reconciling the discrepancy.

- Baluchistan. There are unofficial reports of 10 deaths and possibly 30 fishermen died in deep seas. However, we do not have access to the official version as of now.

Likely Economic Losses

- Commercial activity in Karachi brought to a halt.

- Port activities severely disrupted.

- Widespread damage likely to the cotton crop in Sindh.

- Likely loss to cash crops in costal regions of Sindh.

- There are reports of loss to fruit crop like mangoes in district Khairpur in Sindh.

- Widespread loss of livestock anticipated.

- Fisheries industries sustained both infrastructural loss and loss of livelihood.

- Most vulnerable likely to suffer most, including loss of habitat and livelihood and vulnerability to disease.



- Vulnerable population in Kech and Hingol river systems evacuated to safer places. However, severe flash flooding can cause loss of life and livelihoods

- Pakistan Navy, Frontier Corps (Mekran Scouts) and Coast Guards have been pressed in to relief operations.

External Assistance

- PM has announced 200 million relief package.

- No request of federal assistance till now. Assistance from UN / international community has not been sought as of now

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