Pakistan: Monsoon and Floods update sitrep No. 4

Situation Report
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Tropical Cyclone Update

Pakistan Meteorological Department bulletin 1400 hours 26 June 07 refers:

- Cyclone has crossed Mekran coast near Ormara / Pasni at 1100 PST.

-Balochistan coastal regions likely to receive strong gusty winds and rainfall on 26 and possibly 27 June.

- Balochistan regions adjoining the coastal plains also likely to receive heavy to intermittent rainfall over the next 8-10 hours.

- Cyclone impact is likely to weaken rapidly over the next 12-14 hours

-Storm impact in Sindh is easing and intermittent to short bursts of heavy rain are being experienced in Karachi.

- Rain pressure from Sindh coastal and upper regions has dropped considerably.

Cyclone Impact


- 30 mm rains received in Karachi cumulatively.

- 15 relief camps operating in Karachi

- Besides Karachi heavy rains experienced in coastal districts of Thatta and Badin.

- 11 releif camps functioning in Badin and 5 in Thatta. Some are being closed as the cyclone impact is waning.

- There is no further news on the repotted loss four foreign vessels in deep sea, within 80-120 KMs from Karachi: French ship MB Pachiko (13 crew), Al-Taif (17 crew), Al-Majidi ((12 crew) and an Indian barge with 60 crew members is missing . Maritime Security Agency and Pakistan Navy have launched sea rescue operations.


Based on situation update received from Chief Secretary Balochsitan at 1800 hours on 26 June.

- Heavy rains in along coastal regions increasing in intensity towards west.

- Rain and wind pressure easing towards the eastern coastal regions bordering Sindh.

- Two passenger coasters stranded at Hingol Bridge along coastal highway. Efforts being made to rescue the passengers.

- Five fishing boats stranded in rough seas off coast of Gadani. Pakistan Navy is undertaking rescue operation.

- Coastal Highway severed at Bela

- Pakistan Army, Navy and Karachi Post Trust assisting in relief operations.


- Sindh. Unofficial 233 dead in Karachi through conflicting accounts are appearing. Official 72 (those matched with national registration record to facilitate compensation). A Committee set up by the Sindh government is reconciling the discrepancy.

- Baluchistan. As per Chief Secretary Balochistan, there are no reports of deaths from the province so far.

Likely Economic Losses

- Commercial activity in Karachi brought to a halt

- Port activities severely disrupted

- Widespread damage likely to the cotton crop in Sindh

- Likely loss to cash crops in costal regions of Sindh

- Widespread loss of livestock anticipated

- Fisheries industries sustained both infrastructural loss and loss of livelihood

- Most vulnerable likely to suffer most, including loss of habitat and livelihood and vulnerability to disease



- Population downstream of Mirani Dam evacuated

- District governments urged to evacuate population vulnerable to flash flooding along the coast.

- Fishing activity halted

- Army and Frontier Corps put on alert for relief operations.

External Assistance

- Both Federal and provincial governments will announce relief packages after initial assessments

- No request of federal assistance till now. Assistance from UN / international community has not been sought as of now

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