Pakistan: Monsoon and Floods update sitrep No. 3


Tropical Cyclone Update

Covers up to PMD bulletin at 0300 on 26 June 07

- Location 100 KM south of Karachi and moving in the NW direction

- Storm impact in Sindh is likely to ease from mid-day 26 June

- Likely to cross over to Balochistan coast with associated storm surge by 26 June evening.

- Land fall is expected between Ormara and Gwadar on 27 June

- Widespread rains in Sindh including urban centres of Karachi and Hyderabad and rural regions along the coast: districts of Thatta and Badin and going north 250-300 KM up to districts of Khairpur and Sukkur, close to Punjab border

- In Balochsitan heavy rains occurring from Sibi - Khuzdar in the north to very intense rains in Lasbela, Somainai, Ormara, Pasni Jiwani & Gawador

Cyclone impact can be categorized as follows:

Pre-Cyclone Phase. 23- 24 June upto mid-day.

- Caused widespread rains accompanied by strong winds and caused deaths of over 200 persons in Karachi City. Also inundated low lying regions of Hyderabad and adjoining regions.

- Caused massive electricity collapse which continues and led to display of public anger

- Problem. Karachi city government controls 35% of the City. Rest lies under the administrative control of 13 agencies including Port authorities, DHA, Cantonment and armed forces bases. Complicates putting in place a coordinated response.

Cyclone Phase. 25-27 June 07. Tentative feedback on impact is as follows:


- Renewed rains in Karachi. Cumulative 33 mm.

- Heavy rains in rural Sindh, from the coast till 100 KM south of Punjab border. More intense in the coastal belt. No feedback of casualties from rural regions

- KPT has reported possible loss of three foreign vessels in deep sea, from 80-120 KMs from Karachi: one French ship MB Pachiko (13 crew), Al-Taif (17 crew), Al-Majidi ((12 crew). Reportedly an Indian barge with 60 crew members is missing . Maritime Security Agency has commenced sea rescue operations.


- Heavy rains in the coastal regions bordering Sindh and going up to Sibi, Khuzdar & Turbat

- Coastal highway severed.

- Mirani Dam (Turbat distrct) threatened.

- Flash floods vulnerability along Kech river in Turbat and Hingol River in Lasbela.


Sindh. Unofficial 233 dead in Karachi through conflicting accounts are appearing. Official 72 (those matched with national registration record to facilitate compensation). Sindh government urged to up address the discrepancy.

- Baluchistan. 6 dead. 8 fishermen missing.

- More loss of human life expected along in the rural regions of both provinces.

Likely Economic Losses

- Commercial activity in Karachi brought to a halt

- Port activities severely disrupted

- Widespread damage likely to the cotton crop in Sindh

- Likely loss to cash crops in costal regions of Sindh

- Widespread loss of livestock anticipated

- Fisheries industries sustained both infrastructural loss and loss of livelihood

- Most vulnerable likely to suffer most, including loss of habitat and livelihood and vulnerability to disease



- Relief camps set up in Gaddap and along coastal communities close to Karachi.

- Reports of evacuation of vulnerable communities in districts Thatta and Badin. Police employed at places to affect evaluations.

- In Sindh such situations experienced quite frequently over the last couple of years, including last year, so contingency planning involving important segments of district governments exists but needs to be operationalized in time.

- Rangers moved in for relief in Karachi and Hyderabad

- Army, Navy and Port authorities put on two hours alert

- Heath camps set up to pre-empt epidemic outbreak.

- Sindh government has released Rs 71 million for immediate relief


- Population downstream of Mirani Dam evacuated

- District governments urged to evacuate population vulnerable to flash flooding along the coast.

- Fishing activity halted

- Army and Frontier Corps put on alert for relief operations.

External Assistance

Both Federal and provincial governments will announce relief packages after initial assessments

No request of federal assistance till now. Assistance from UN / international community has not been sought as of now


- Weak early warning and weather advisories to vulnerable communities, particularly in remote regions.

- Relatively less relief priority to rural regions affected by the cyclone.

- Robust health response to pre-empt epidemic

- Massive efforts to male available potable water.

- Immediate cash and food relief to those displaced and vulnerable

- Detailed assessments and concerted relief effort following lessening of cyclone imp

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