Pakistan: Monsoon and Floods update sitrep no. 1


Report date: Monday, June 25, 2007

General Situation:

Karachi Incident Report:

Pakistan Meteorological Department, through its advisory on 23 June informed of an developing 'low pressure' weather system in Indian state of Gujrat and its likely move to the coastal regions of Sindh and Baluchistan in Pakistan through the Indian Ocean. On 24 June the developing weather system rolled over to the Indian Ocean and as it develops its proximity to the coastal regions of Pakistan will define the intensity of its impact. The situation is likely to be more clear by about 1800 PST on 25 June.

Give this context, Karachi city in particular and the coastal regions of Sindh have experienced varying quantum of rain on 23 June evening. The City of Karachi has suffered 66 dead (official figures). Media reports, however, have verified current death toll 235 at 0125 hours on Monday 25th June. Provincial government has been urged to verify the correct death figures. there are reports of 500 houses destroyed mostly in poorer localities of the City.

Much destruction was caused by winds gusting at 69 miles per hour that accompanied the rain and caused collapsed houses and built structures mostly in the poorer regions of the city of 15 million. Felling of trees and billboards also contributed to the fatalities.

To make things worse many parts of the city have been experiencing power breakdowns which has led to much public resentment. Efforts are being made to restore electricity supply. Be advised that Karachi City government controls only 35-40% of the city and the rest is managed by 13 other autonomous agencies like the Karachi Port Trust, Cantonment and armed forces operational bases.

Local and Provincial Response

Relief efforts have been mounted along three tiers. First by the City government which has established two relief camps at Gadap Town housing 200 displaced persons. Secondly by the party ruling most urban Sindh, MQM and thirdly by philanthropists and voluntary organizations like Eidhi Welfare Trust.

Provincial government has extended financial support to the governments of the rain affected districts and both the Provincial and Federal governments are likely to announce bigger relief and compensation packages after making initial assessments. Prime Minister Mr Shaukat Aziz has confirmed federal support to the emerging situation in Sindh.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority has made a stand by request for 2000 tents and 20,000 blankets, which will be released by the Federal government.

Provincial Disaster Management authorities of Sindh and Baluchistan have been strongly advised by the National Disaster Management Authority of planning response on worst case scenarios and that they must (1) take measures to inform the vulnerable population of the impending rains and (2) relocate them to safer locations.

Though the situation in Baluchistan is not alarming as of now but the Provincial Disaster Management Authority has been advised to forewarn the population in coastal areas that is vulnerable to flash floods.

UN / International Community Response

Response of UN agencies or the international community to the emerging situation rain affected regions of Sindh and Baluchistan is not envisaged at this point in time.

UNCT is reviewing DMT formation on 26th June 2007 and tentatively DMT will be convened on 29th June 2007 where standard operating procedures (SOP's) for response will be reviewed for emergencies in Pakistan by UN, Red Cross and NGO's.


1. National Disaster Management Authority - Advisory #1-attached as Annex A

2. National Disaster Management Authority Situation Report of 25 June, Annex B.

2. Pakistan Metrological Department - Advisory -attached as Annex C

3. Pakistan Metrological Department Satellite Maps

4. District Nazim Karachi Secretariat - Emergency Rain Centers notification - attached as Annex D

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