Pakistan Meteorological Department: Weekly Drought Information (15 August 2022) [EN/UR]


During last five days, more light to heavy rainfall events reported from many districts of both Balochistan and Sindh. Due to the recent rains, some urban flooding events were observed. Daytime temperatures were also seen to be dropped in different cities. These recent rains in both provinces has provided significant relief to the drought affected areas.

Rainfall recorded in Sindh and Balochistan during the period 11-15 August, 2022 is as under:

Duration of forecast: 16-22 August, 2022

According to meteorological conditions, in the next week some more rains are expected at different places in Balochistan and Sindh. Recent rains have produced significant effect to the drought affected areas of both provinces. Very little area of western Balochistan is still remained under mild drought-like situation.

Note: More detailed data and analyzed maps may be accessed from the National Drought Monitoring Centre, PMD website: