Pakistan Meteorological Department: Earthquake Press Release (24 Sep 2019)

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An earthquake of strong intensity was recorded by Seismic Network of PMD with following parameters;

Date : 24-09-2019

Origin Time: 16:01:53 PST

Magnitude : 5.8

Depth: 10 km

Latitude: 32.99 N Longitude: 73.73 E

Epicenter: 5 km North of Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan.

This earthquake was strongly felt in most parts of Upper Punjab (Jhelum, Mangla, Dina, Lahore, Kharian, Gujjar Khan, Gujrat, Hafizabad, Lala-Musa,) and AJK (Mirpur, Muzaffarabad). It was also felt at a number of places in KP, Islamabad and Punjab as reported by media.

Source Mechanism:

This earthquake lies in moderate seismic intensity zone with maximum Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) in the range of 0.35g (indicating damages to infrastructure near the epicenter). The main fault system is Jhelum Thrust Fault near the epicenter. The nearest fault close to the epicenter is Dil Jaba thrust fault and the Riwat Fault is lying parallel. One aftershock of magnitude 3.4 has also been recorded at 16:43 PST, and few more aftershocks of light to moderate intensity are expected near the epicenter during next 24 hrs.

All the concerned authorities are requested for rescue and relief operations.

(Dr. Muhammad Hanif )
Chief Meteorologist
PMD Islamabad