Pakistan: Inter-Cluster Mission to SWA (South Waziristan Agency FATA) 10-13 February 2016



An inter-Cluster assessment mission was conducted to Ladha, Sararogha,
Sarwakai, and Tiarza Tehsils South Waziristan Agency (SWA) from 10 to 13 February 2016. The mission visited eight recently de-notified villages. The Government plans to facilitate the return of some 30,000 IDPs to these areas.

Key findings and recommendations

• The level of damage to structures and houses was very high (80 to 90 per cent). Returning IDPs will need emergency and transitional shelter, with almost blanket support needed in some areas.

• Donor missions to the area are highly recommended.

• Food remains a critical need, especially with the lack of crops and functioning markets. Seeds and agricultural tools for cultivation should be provided. Another food hub should be established Tehsil Ladha and the Cluster should consider extending food support to the additional caseload of 26,000 registered but unverified families.

• Health facilities were destroyed or badly damaged, and often lacked appropriate WASH facilities A few large health facilities are newly constructed or renovated, The availability of paramedical staff remains a challenge. Adopt Continuous Community Protected Vaccination to minimize polio risk and strengthen polio teams at embarkation points.

• All water supply schemes require some form of rehabilitation. In some areas, water tanks and water tankering is required.

• Schools were generally badly damaged, though some were repaired or under construction. There is a need for furniture/school supplies and water supply systems in the facilities, and school tents for the interim.

• Adopt a community-based child protection approach.

• Provide health and nutrition staff as a surge capacity. Support the establishment of appropriate nutrition feeding services and Community Management of Acute Malnutrition approach.

• Develop a framework for recovery and rehabilitation. Cash for Work is recommended for the rehabilitation of water and irrigation channels.

• The political administration and line departments should be present in the community to provide support and basic social services to help the population resettle. The authorities need to ensure the returning population has access to their villages especially in Sararogha tehsil.


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