Pakistan: Inter-Cluster Mission to Sipah (Bara, Khyber Agency FATA) 2 February 2016

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An inter-Cluster assessment mission was conducted to the Sipah area of Bara Tehsil in Khyber Agency on 2 February, 2016. The mission visited Haji Abad where discusions were held with the Military, FDMA, male and female returnees, and community elders. Visits were also conducted to nearby communities and agricultural areas where damages were observed. The Government has planned and is facilitating the return of over 7,000 families to these areas.

Key findings

• An estimated 25-30 per cent of private houses were badly damaged while up to 45 per cent were partially damaged.

• Most families returned with no livestock and market based livelihoods were lost with the destruction of markets shops.

• Irrigation systems are not functional due to damages and lack of maintenance.

• The only two health facilities in the area are either non-functional or very poorly equipped. There are no lady health workers.

• There are moderate to major damages to all schools, and there is a universal lack of school supplies, furniture, learning materials, and qualified teachers.

• Returns are intermittent as male members commute to rehabilitate housing while other family members remain in the Peshawar area.


• Provision of emergency shelter kits, tools, and NFIs for housing reconstruction.

• Rehabilitation of water systems, tankering, and latrine construction.

• Establish an additional food distribution hub for Sipah access.

• Support to all health facilities with medicine, supplies, staff, vaccinations and ambulance services.

• School tents, teaching and learning material, female teachers.

• Cash for work programs, livelihood grants, and agricultural inputs of seeds, tools, restocking, feed, and tree nurseries.

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