Pakistan: Humanitarian Dashboard - Strategic Plan 2015 (January - December 2015)

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Situation Overview

The Pakistan Humanitarian Strategic Plan for 2015 was 68% funded as of 31 December, 2015. Overall progress on the strategic objectives continued in the fourth quarter despite the funding shortfall. Selected indicators from Food Security, Nutrition, Protection, Education, and Community Restoration achieved their annual targets, and all cluster remained engaged in delivering humanitarian services. Of the 15 indicators for the 2015 Strategic Objectives, 9 were on track (having achieved at least 80 per cent), and 6 had major gaps. Strategic Objective One, which aims to reduce morbidity and mortality, was the most successful with all indicators on target. Strategic Objective Three - supporting the transition to recovery – remained the greatest challenge, with one target achieved and major gaps for the remaining three indicators. The fourth quarter of 2015 saw a decrease in returns due to winter, with five Agencies receiving returnees. The difficulties of humanitarian access in return areas limited interventions contributed to the low performance of Strategic Objective Three, resulting in decreased support for returnees in their place of origin. Enhanced livelihood's and better access will be crucial to sustainable returns in 2016. With 113,000 families returning in 2015, and an additional 180,000 families planned for 2016, the limited ability to support these families in FATA remains a serious concern.

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