Pakistan: Heavy thunderstorm causes havoc - 3 killed, 250 injured

Shahnawaz Khan

LAHORE: The heavy thunderstorm that on Tuesday afternoon converted into a Tornado claimed the lives of three while injuring over 250 locals of over seven villages fall in the area of Farooqabad, District Sheikhupura around 45 kilometres far from the provincial metropolis. Due to Tornado hundred of house rooftops flown away while electricity and telephone polls were reportedly fallen on the ground. Hundreds of cattle also reportedly killed and all over the 'calamity hit villages' there were thousand of trees lying there. The villages badly affected due to tornado were included Makki-460, Makki Shahabaan, Sachaa Soda, Dera Nigah, Baddiyawala, Foundation House and Dera Allah Ditta.

It is reported that around 50 houses at village Dera Nigah, 20 houses at village Sachaa Soda, 18 houses at village Makki Shahabaan and around 80 houses at village Makki 460 were badly affected. The locals of the area just after the tornado that hit the villages in the afternoon come out from their houses and gathered under the sky. They started praying for the mercy of God. The tornado that was followed by a thunderstorm continued till the evening, forcing the villagers to stay in the fields or other open places. It is reported that those who died as a result of tornado were identified as Sardaraan Bibi while the identification of others has yet to establish. People on self-help basis shifted the injured to the nearest hospital and in the evening the rescue teams including the city administration and other agencies also joined them. The speed of wind in this area was recorded around 90-kilometers per hour.

However, the thunderstorm that hit almost all the country equally paralyzed the routine life everywhere. Besides the four provinces the severe weather also caused hardships for the residents of Kashmir and its adjacent villages. In the provincial metropolis the thunderstorm also caused hardships for the locals of this area. The northern localities of the city seem like ponds and even in the posh localities of the city water covered the roads. The rain water also entered the basements of some markets. According to local met office over 80 mm rain was recorded at Lahore while Islamabad 106, Rawalpindi 61. However, in the other cities of Punjab like Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Shorkot, Jehlum, Multan, Sargodha, Mianwali, Narowal, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and its adjacent localities heavy rain with thunder and hailstorm were also recorded. According to senior met official Shaukat Ali Awan the weather would remain partly cloudy for the next 36 hours and later it would return to normal. When asked about the thunderstorm he said it was the result of waves comes from the west. He said that this wave now would go to India and later, Tibet and then China. Its length was around 40-kilometers and width was 20-kilometers. It was also recorded on the radar in the afternoon, he added.


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