Pakistan floods: three years on

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The floods that hit Pakistan in 2010 were the worst in the country’s history. You donated nearly £3 million to our Pakistan Floods appeal, helping us reach 400,000 people.

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In July and August 2010, torrential monsoon rains caused widespread destruction in the north of Pakistan. The flooding then moved south along the Indus River in what was described as a “slow-motion tsunami”. At one point, one-fifth of the country was underwater – an area the size of England. In total, more than 20 million people were affected by the disaster.

You responded with enormous compassion to our Pakistan Floods appeal, donating nearly £3 million.

Thanks to your support, we provided:

  • Food, clean water and emergency household kits
  • Shelter for people who lost their homes
  • Emergency healthcare
  • “Cash-for-work” projects: people who’ve lost everything have rebuilt houses, roads, irrigation systems and schools in return for money to cover basic needs
  • Long-term support to help people make a living
  • Training to help villages prepare for future disasters

We also responded to the floods that hit Pakistan in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Aude Archambault, our Emergency Manager for Pakistan, said: “Sadly, floods are now a regular occurrence in Pakistan, but the scale of the 2010 disaster was immense. The compassion of the Catholic community in England and Wales meant that we could respond quickly, delivering aid where it was needed most. Three years on, we’re continuing to work with local organisations to help people rebuild their lives for the long-term.”

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