Pakistan Floods 2020 Situation Updates - Alert Level Orange-II, 30 August 2020


The Situation

Heavy torrential monsoon rains in Pakistan have killed 134 people and damaged thousands of homes across the country, according to the National Disaster Management Authority. The southern provinces i.e. Sindh and Balochistan are hit hard with flash floods, the life is standstill. With a fresh spell of rains, Northern province i.e. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir are also getting affected badly with landslides and road blockages.

The biggest metropolis, Karachi, has experienced the worst of the urban flooding phenomena in the history of the country. Within a few days of rain, streets and homes were flooded with sewage water, where the city’s outdated drainage and waste systems were overwhelmed by continuous heavy rains.

Every year, many cities like Karachi in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning.

The monsoon season runs from July through September. Monsoon rains are posing a new challenge to the people of Pakistan at a time when authorities are trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which caused more than 6,294 deaths since February.

Since March, the number of daily deaths is significantly reduced, still, seven more death cases were reported on the 27th of August.