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The Political Authorities Khyber has completed the construction of flood protection wall to help secure a large population of Charbagh village of Khyber Agency from the dangers of future floods as the last year floodings had caused damage to the homes and lands of the local people. On the growing demand of the local community, political authorities of khyber prioritized the construction of flood protection wall which will benefit around 3,488 individuals and will play a significant role in protecting the houses, lands and other properties of the locals and the government. The construction included building of three 215 meters cement flood protection walls which have secured 109 Shinwari tribe households living in Charbagh Village. Before the construction of the flood protection wall, the residents of Charbagh village were constantly vulnerable to floods, causing a great damage to their properties. According to the local community members, it was a routine for the local inhabitants to flee the areas due to heavy rains and consequent floods especially the last year's floods caused major displacement to nearby villages and areas. The local elders of the area while thanking the government for demonstrating swiftly to their much needed demand have expressed the hope construction of flood protection walls will redress the community difficulties by improving living conditions in the area. Local material, skilled and unskilled labor were used from the community to create a sense of ownership in the people and ensuring quality of work which proved a positive step towards building confidence between community and government.
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