Pakistan: Field Update - Baluchistan Earthquake 2008


Lack of quality leads to death and hard reactions by disaster-survivors

On 15th November, while en route to monitor a distribution centre in Warchoom, HAP field staff, along with other travellers, were held at a blockade in the road near the village of Wam. Villagers had blockaded the road in protest over the lack of appropriate shelter. It came to light that the community's frustration and anger was exacerbated in recent days by the death of a young boy. A family lost their 8-year-old boy after they resorted to lighting a fire for heating purposes in their tent to keep warm throughout the night. In the night winds, the fire quickly got out of control engulfing the tent, killing the boy and severely injuring another. Non-winterised tents have been distributed by numerous I/NGOs and local authorities are inadequate for the bitterly cold and snowy winter with temperatures plummeting to -13 ºC and lower.