Pakistan earthquake victims facing onslaught of winter: Need is urgent

from Food for the Hungry
Published on 06 Dec 2005
Winter is setting in and snow is on the ground in the Pakistan region. Delivering relief supplies throughout the earthquake affected areas, especially in the areas of higher elevation, has been a logistical challenge. Even prior to the quake, many areas were inaccessible by road.

With villages spread out in many locations, winter setting in, and limited places for helicopters to land, Food for the Hungry is delivering self-help shelter and winterization kits in small helicopters to families stranded by the earthquake. The winterization kits include 2 heavy duty plastic tarps (1 to droop over tents, 1 to place on floor of tents), 1 non-winterized tent, 4 heavy duty wool blankets (used for wall covering and floors), 1 hygiene kit per each family of 7, and winter jackets. Food for the Hungry is able to deliver these supplies in hard to reach areas as they are lighter and do not weigh down the helicopters.

The need is more urgent than ever. Because of the difficulty in reaching the affected areas, winter-related deaths are very possible. Relief agencies and the Pakistan military are cooperating and coordinating well to get supplies to the survivors, but your help and support is needed now more than ever.