Pakistan - Earthquake: OCHA Situation Report No. 16


Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2005/0177

OCHA Situation Report No. 16
South Asia - Earthquake

This is a special report is based on information provided by the Office of the Area Humanitarian Coordinator in Muzaffarabad, national authorities, agencies, NGOs and donors in Pakistan. The report is focused on operational progress in Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Batagram (including Jhelum Valley and Neelum Valley).


Casualties :51,382
Injuries: 74,498


  • $90 million has been committed and pledged towards the UN Flash Appeal.
  • Equals 29% of the $311 million requested.

Key Priority Needs:

Helicopters, winterised tents (up to 210,000 additional), blankets/sleeping bags (est. 2 million), sanitation (especially latrines), food assistance (for 1 million people), water bladders for affected hospitals, delivery of safe water, generators and diesel, tarpaulins, ground sheets, stoves, fuel and kitchen sets, shovels ploughs, snow chains, antifreeze,), urgent medical assistance (tents for hospitals and remote surgical teams).


1. There is a three-week window of opportunity to deliver assistance to mountainous areas before the first snowfall. According to reports from the authorities severe weather, with heavy rain, is forecasted to hit the area in the next three to four days.

2. Currently nearly 2,000 patients are treated daily in Batagram.

3. Over 13,000 children have been immunized in Muzaffarabad city.

4. Illnesses caused by cold weather conditions, and lack of basic services, are on the rise in the Jhelum Valley.

5. 90% of the structures in Bagh have totally collapsed. In Bagh and Muzaffarabad, the pipe network was severely damaged ceasing all distribution of water through the system.

6. More than 90,000 people require shelter in Batagram.

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