Pakistan: Earthquake Emergency Appeal No. M05EA022 Operations Update No. 35

Situation Report
Originally published


Period covered by this operation update: 1 April to 30 November 2010;

Appeal target (current): CHF 167.6 million (USD 153.8 million or EUR 111 million);

Appeal coverage: 96%;

This operations update provides the revised plan of action under the emergency and recovery phase extended until 30 June 2011. The revised budget will be posted

together with this report in January 2011. The Final Report will be made available three months after the end of the operation (by 30 September 2011).

Appeal history:

- Operations update 31 revised the budget figures from CHF 164.5 million (USD 157.8 million or EUR 101.8 million) to CHF 167.6 million (USD 153.1 million or EUR 106.8 million) due to adjustments in the values of in-kind donations to the appeal.

- The appeal budget was further revised down from CHF 165.2 million (USD 158.6 million or EUR 102.3 million) to CHF 164.5 million (USD 157.8 million or EUR 101.8 million) and the timeframe of the operation was extended to the end of 2009 as stated in operations update No 30, posted on 7 May 2008.

- The budget for the appeal was revised down to CHF 165 million on 12 December 2006 to assist over 1,085,000 beneficiaries till the end of 2008.

- A revised emergency appeal was launched on 28 March 2006 for CHF 227 million to assist over 1,085,000 beneficiaries through to the end of 2008.

- The preliminary appeal budget was increased to CHF 73.3 million on 12 October 2005 and the number of beneficiaries increased to 150,000 families (750,000 beneficiaries) for six months. The number of beneficiaries was revised down to 70,000 families on 17 October 2005; based on delivery capacity and a revised average family size of seven.

- This emergency appeal was initially launched on preliminary basis on 9 October 2005 for CHF 10.8 million (USD 10.38 million or EUR 6.69 million) for four months to assist 30,000 families (120,000 beneficiaries).

- Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 200,000 was initially allocated from the International Federation's DREF to support the national society to respond to the earthquake disaster.


The recovery phase of the operation was completed in December 2009, with almost all activities in the earthquake-affected areas finalized. This operations update extends the operation to 30 June 2011 - mainly due to continuing limitations by an unstable security situation and the diversion of resources to the monsoon flash flood operations from July 2010.

Under health, community-based health and first aid (CBHFA) and reorientation of traditional birth attendants (TBA) were extended to 31 December 2010 in the earthquake-affected areas.

Construction projects make up the bulk of remaining implementation; of the 34 planned, 22 have now been completed. Full completion of all projects is still planned for June 2011.

The National Society's disaster management cells devoted their resources to the internally displaced persons (IDP) operation, the Hunza landslides response, assistance to those affected by Cyclone Phet, and the ongoing monsoon flash floods from July 2010.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), on behalf of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), would like to thank all partners for their generous response to this appeal.