Pakistan earthquake 2005: two years on


On 8 October 2005, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale struck the region 95 km northeast of Pakistan capital, Islamabad.

The quake decimated large areas of northern Pakistan and northern India.

In Pakistan, 73,000 people were killed, more than 120,000 were injured, and 3.5 million people being homeless.

Red Cross Red Crescent Actions

Immediately after the earthquake, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (the Federation) launched an appeal for CHF165 million (approximately HK$1 billion) to assist over 1,085,000 beneficiaries through to the end of 2008.

-To date, the following have been achieved:

Emergency relief supplies distributed to 122,000 earthquake-affected families by May 2006.

Over 127,000 people received "warm shelter" items.

The mobile health teams in earthquake-affected areas receiving an average of 10,000 patient visits a month.

About 160,000 people have been reached with hygiene promotion messages.

More than 2,000 latrines were constructed, and 25 water supply schemes were completed which were benefiting approximately 87,000 people.

Nearly 60,000 men, women, adolescent and children have been served by the Psychosocial Support Programme (PSP) from October 2005 to April 2007.

About 8,500 families received agricultural supports such as seed/ fertilizer distribution and 5,000 people received agricultural training.

Nine out of 12 reconstruction projects are under way.

A voluntary counseling and testing centre in Lahore is carrying out voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS. Up to August 2007, nearly 170 group awareness sessions on HIV/AIDS were organized and more than 3,300 people were reached in the sessions.

-Because of riots and the Cyclone Yemyin and flooding since July, it is intended to extend the operation through 2009. The extension of the operation is primarily to allow the completion of livelihoods, reconstruction and some health (water and sanitation) programmes.

Hong Kong Red Cross's Actions

-Supported by the generous public in Hong Kong, the HKRC contributed approximately HK$9.5 million to the Federation's emergency relief operation since October 2005.

-In November 2006, the HKRC donated another HK$1.3 million for the winter aid programme to support for the provision of temporary shelter and household supplies to 13,000 families.

-In addition, the HKRC has supported the construction of a Girl's Middle School with HKD2,549,777, among which, HK$230,000 is donated by the Rotary Club in Hong Kong. The project will be completed in September 2008.

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