Pakistan: Damage Assessment Report of Flash Flooding in District Barkhan, Balochistan Report generated at 10:00 PM Thursday 22nd July, 2010 by BEEJ, Musakhail Office

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District Barkhan is located between 290 37' and 300 21' N and 690 3' and 700 4' E. The area of this district is 3411 sq km. It is bounded in the north by Musakhel district, in the east by Dera Ghazi Khan District (Punjab province), in the South by Dera-Bugti and in the West by Kohlu and Loralai. Barkhan Town is the headquarters of this district, which is about 1215 meters above sea level.

Barkhan district falls in the Monsoon range of Pakistan along with Sulaiman Mountain Range, under the normal weather pattern the rains start from mid of June till August and over the past years recorded average rainfall in the area has been 165.51 Millimeters in peek rainfall period of July.

Torrential rains have been pouring down since early July but the quantity was relatively low. On the night between 21st and 22nd July heavy rain started at 11.30 pm and continued till 4.00 am.

The delay action Hann Dam at Bibartak 10 KMs away from Barkhan town, which was constructed in 2001, was breached due to heavy rain and non-maintenance causing a flash flood at 01:00 AM on 22nd July, 2010.

The major part of flash flood started from the breach in Hann damn, contributed by runoff water from hills and torrents. The flood moved from Hann to Nikri, Loma Zehri, Narkot, Singhali, Vatakari and Jabhar after this point the flood water lost its intensity and got spread over the plains. The Hann stream and Dhola stream meet at Vatakari which also intensified the flood.