Pakistan: Daily Emergency and Response Situational Information Report, 24 September 2014

from US Agency for International Development, iMMAP
Published on 24 Sep 2014

Update includes the following:

Sindh Updates
District Khairpur Situation Updates as of 23-9-2014
Taluka’s of District Khairpur to be affected during Expected Flood 2014
Details of Pacca/Katcha Area, Population and Relief camps settled in Taluka’s of Khairpur during Floods
Summary of losses / damages due to rain / flood 2014 in District Ghotki as of 23-9-2014
Drought Updates
Daily Health Report of District Tharparkar as on 24-9-2014
Al-khidmat Foundation Activities in Sindh
Nationwide Updates
NDMA-Rain/Floods 2014 Updates as of 23-9-2014
River Flow and Flood Forecast
Summary of Losses and Damages Updates by PDMA, SDMA and GBDMA as of 22-9-2014
Flood Rescue/Relief Activities as of 22-9-2014
Relief Provided by PDMA Punjab as of 22-9-2014
Relief Provided by GBDMA as of 23-9-2014
Relief Provided by SDMA as of 23-9-2014
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) updates on Monsoon
Floods 2014 as of 22-9-2014
Time Line: Disaster Situation and Response
IFRC Emergency Appeal: Pakistan Monsoon Floods 2014
AKF Response to Flood Affected People in Mandi Bahauddin as on 23-9-2014
North Waziristan Displacement
PDMA Kyber Pakhtunkhwa updates as of 24-9-2014
Human Relief Foundation Pakistan Response to NWA Temporary Dislocated Persons (TDPs) as of 22-9-2014
WHO Updates from 7th to 13th Sep, 2014
Disease Early Warning System and Response in Pakistan
4 day Weather Forecast 25th – 28th Sep, 2014
Pakistan- Reservoirs and River Flow Map as of 24-9-2014
Pakistan-Floods Damages and Losses Map as of 23-9-2014
Pakistan- Punjab Rain Flood Situation Update Map as of 24-9-2014
Weather Update Map of Pakistan as of 24-9-2014 .