Pakistan: Cyclone Yemyin/Floods Appeal MDRPK001- Interim Final Report

Situation Report
Originally published


GLIDE n° FF-2007-000082-PAK and TC-2007-000084-PAK

Period covered by this Final Report: 4 July 2007 to 29 February 2008

Appeal target (current): CHF 21.34 million (USD 18.4 million or EUR 12.9 million);

Final Appeal coverage: 45%

Appeal history:

- This Emergency Appeal was launched on a preliminary basis on 4 July 2007 for CHF 10.38 million (USD 10 million or EUR 6.6 million) for six months to assist 98,000 beneficiaries (14,000 families).

- CHF 250,000 was allocated from the Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the national society in responding by delivering assistance.

- A Revised Emergency Appeal was launched on 17 July for CHF 21.34 million (USD 20.6 million or EUR 13.5 million) to assist 360,500 beneficiaries (51,500 families) for six months.


In the course of the flood operation of the Federation and Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), the following was achieved;

- Non-food emergency relief items were distributed to 23,406 families.

- Water and sanitation assistance was provided to more than 23,000 households.

- A total of 67,228 patients received health care.

- Shelter assistance was provided to 14,700 families (including 9,000 shelter kits).

Principal interventions by sector were health, water and sanitation, food, non-food items and shelter provision as well as communications and advocacy. Apart from the 2005-2009 earthquake relief and recovery operation, this was biggest Red Cross Red Crescent emergency appeal operation in Pakistan in terms of beneficiaries since the 1992 population movement appeal and the largest emergency appeal fiscally since the 1980 refugees appeal.

As a large and complex emergency response by the PRCS, supported by the Federation and partner national societies, the flood operation achieved most major relief goals within its projected timeframe. However, longer term recovery interventions of housing assistance and agricultural/livelihoods support were not conducted. The relief phase was more complex and challenging than first anticipated and took longer to carry out than planned. However, the increased capacity of the national society as a result of the earthquake operation was evident.

It has been decided to wind up the flood operation and a proposal is being put to donors for the utilization of remaining funds for recovery/capacity building activities in health (including water and sanitation), disaster management and organizational development in the flood-affected provinces. These activities would come under the over-arching plan of action encompassed in the ongoing earthquake recovery operation (which includes development activities in non-earthquake affected areas).

This document is an interim final report given that there are residual funds which have yet to be reallocated as per the proposal being put to donors. A final report reflecting the closure of accounts will be issued at a later date.

The situation

Flooding in late June and early July 2007 caused by heavy rains and intensified by Cyclone Yemyin affected over 2.5 million people in southern areas of Pakistan. According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) the reported death toll from the rains and cyclone was 420 - 205 in Baluchistan and 215 in Sindh. Thousands of people were displaced with 71,596 homes damaged or destroyed across 6,500 villages in the two provinces. The return of people to their villages was eventually made possible through the recession of flood waters and facilitated by governmental cash grants of PKR15,000 (approximately CHF 243 or USD 240) to affected households.

Contact information

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

In Pakistan: Pakistan Red Crescent Society (Ilyas Khan, Director of Operations/Acting Secretary General), phone: +92 51 925 0409; email:

In Pakistan: Federation country office, Azmat Ulla, Head of office, phone: +92 300 555 4502; Fax: +92 51 925 0418; email:

In India: South Asia regional office, Al Panico, Head of regional office, phone: +91 11 2411 1125; fax: +91 11 2411 1128; email:

In Geneva: Gokce Balcik-Guess, Pakistan Desk Officer; phone +41 22 730 4813; fax: +41 22 730 0395; email: