Pakistan: COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report No. 9 - Reporting Period: 23 May - 5 June 2020

Situation Report
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Key Highlights

• Over 214 million people have been reached through TV and radio.

• UNICEF reached more than 158 million people (including multiple engagement) through social media and more than 34.3 million people reached over the reporting period.

• Over 32.9 million at risk populations reached through community engagement on COVID-19 (UNICEF reached 17.2 million) with over 14.9 million reached (UNICEF 1.1 million) over the reporting period.

• More than 1.4 million people (300,000 new) have used the 505 (new 4) handwashing stations at communal points in affected areas.

• Using UNICEF’s WASH communication networks 5.6 million people (over 0.5 million new) have been reached with COVID-19 hygiene promotion messages. Whereas using overall sector communication networks 8.4 million (0.9 million new) people have been reached.

• A total of 15,895 parents, caregivers, children and individuals received PSS by trained social workforce professionals with 5,778 reached within the reporting period through UNICEF support.