Pakistan: COVID-19 Weekly Situation Report No. 16 - Reporting Period: 1st – 15th September 2020

Situation Report
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Key Highlights

• During this period COVID-19 cases remained steady with an average 463 new cases in a day.

• Heavy monsoon rainfall has caused flooding and damages across the country particularly in Sindh and KP provinces.

• More than 670,900 people (37,696 new) reached through social media with UNICEF support.

• Using WASH sector communication networks, over 22.1 million (1.5 million new) people reached with COVID-19 hygiene promotion messages with UNICEF reached 7.9 million (312,598 new).

• Over 1.86 million people (258,826 new) benefitting from continuity of primary health care services at UNICEF supported health facilities.

• With UNICEF support 77,550 children have been treated for SAM (9,840 new) and 100,572 mothers/caregivers reached through interpersonal communication on IYCF practices.