Pakistan: BEEJ Disaster Coordination Cell at DCO Complex, District Barkhan - Situation Report no. 3

Situation Report
Originally published
Updates as of 1:00 PM 27/07/2010

On the 6th day of the disaster, out of the 4 committees sent for damage assessment, only 1 committee for the Vatakari area has provided their one pager report. The data provided is not enough for planning emergency response activities.

BEEJ does not have any emergency response fund but it has deputed 3 member team with two vehicles and has got the capacity to carry out the detailed damage assessment from own resources but as being a local NGO its damage assessment report will not be given the credibility as of some UN agency or International NGO. So the whole exercise will be wastage of resources and staff energies.

Donors are asking for concept papers for emergency relief projects but they ask for damage assessment data verified by the Government authorities, which is not yet available. The overall process of resource mobilization for relief operation is pending.

The district administration is providing ration donated from different sources but they require CNIC from beneficiaries of distribution, while the main affected people have lost their documents, CNIIC, cash, jewelry, clothes kept in the metal trunks swept away by flood water. This situation is making it hard for the ration support to be received by the most affected people.

Immediate Needs:

Water: The stream water is no longer available; the stream water flow has gone underground. The wells have been filled up with mud and the only source available for drinking water to the people is the stagnant flood water left in the ditches created by flood.

Food: Most of the stored grain and livestock has been swept away in the flood water and people are relying on the ration provided by the district administration which is not enough for the family and does not follow SPHERE standards.

Non-Food Items: The flood water has swept away all of the non-fixed household items, including kitchen utensils, baggage containers, clothes, beddings, charpai, ration storage containers.

Shelter: The next cycle of monsoon rains are expect in 2 days but the disaster affected population is still living in semi-collapsed houses. No tents are yet distributed by the district administration because the detailed damage assessment is not available with them.

Dead Animals: The flood affected areas and streams are splattered with dead sheep, goats, cows and donkeys which have started to decompose attracting maggots, flies and insects spreading diseases. The stink from these dead animals is making the air unbearable in the surrounding.