Pakistan: Baluchistan Earthquake Emergency appeal No. MDRPK002 Operations update No. 2

GLIDE n=B0 EQ-2008-000206-PAK

Period covered by this Ops Update: 3 to 17 December 2008.

Appeal target (current): CHF 2.5 million (USD 2.08 million or EUR 1.65 million)

Appeal coverage: 81%, including contributions in the pipeline; funds are still needed to enable the Pakistan Red Crescent Society to provide immediate warm shelter assistance.

Appeal history:

This Emergency Appeal was launched on 19 November 2008 for CHF 2.5 million to provide emergency shelter provisions to 4,000 families (10 persons per family) affected by the earthquakes which struck Baluchistan on 29 October 2008 for a period of six months.

Summary: With more harsh weather expected in the earthquake-affected areas of Baluchistan, the urgent need of emergency shelter still prevails. The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS)/International Federation has so far distributed emergency shelters among 375 families in Ziarat. Distributions in Pashin are expected to start from 20 December. The items in the emergency shelter package have been slightly altered and now bamboos/wood will also be provided to the targeted families (procurement is underway). The first supply of the emergency shelter items started reaching Quetta on 8 December. The remaining items are expected to arrive in Quetta in the coming week. The PRCS/International Federation have constructed five model emergency shelters in Ziarat. PRCS/International Federation is also disseminating the Red Cross Red Crescent Fundamental Principles and giving out details of the items to be distributed among the targeted families. The emergency shelter distributions under this appeal are expected to be completed by 31 December.

Under the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) Emergency Appeal and bilateral assistance, the PRCS has provided food and non-food items to 14,000 families and has treated more than 4,800 patients.

To date, the British Red Cross, Danish Red Cross/government, Netherlands Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross and Swiss Red Cross/government have made contributions to this appeal. Bilateral contributions include a contribution from the Kuwait Red Crescent.

The International Federation, on behalf of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, would like to thank all partners for their response to this appeal to date.

The situation

A series of powerful earthquakes shook the south-western province of Baluchistan in the early hours of 29 October. Two main shocks were felt: the first tremor with a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale was felt at approximately 4:40 am (Pakistan standard time) while a second tremor with a 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale occurred at 5:33 am (Pakistan standard time). The worst-affected districts were Ziarat, Pashin and Harnai. According to the provincial government, a total of 166 people lost lives while more than 320 have been injured. Aftershocks can still be felt in the affected areas.

In Ziarat and Pashin, the temperature drops between -2 and -4 degree centigrade during the night. The Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted rain and snowfall (in the hills) in the affected areas in the coming days. The weather is expected to remain cloudy and cold during the next week.

Through its various agencies, the United Nations is carrying out a multi-sector relief effort in the affected areas which includes logistics support, education for children who lost their schools and the provision of healthcare, hygiene, food and shelter. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and various non-governmental organizations/international non-governmental organizations (NGOs/INGOs) are also carrying out relief and health activities in the earthquake-affected areas.

The emergency shelter cluster has identified a need of 13,000 winterized shelters, out of which 9,500 have been committed so far. The PRCS, along with the International Federation and ICRC, has committed 6,000 emergency shelters (4,000 with the International Federation and 2,000 with ICRC).