Pakistan: Balochistan Floods/Snowfall 2017 Emergency Plan of Action (MDRPK013)


Description of Disaster

Continuous heavy rains and snow fall has broken the record of many years caused widespread flooding across 3 districts of Balochistan from 17th to 22nd January 2017, Government declared the emergency in 3 most affected districts and demanded assistance for 60,000 people of affected in Balochistan. The Government also made and official request to PRCS for support of 6,000 families on 30 th January 2017.

PRCS teams did rapid assessments of over 6,000 households in the affected districts. Authorities reported 13 deaths and 650 people injured. PRCS provincial branch upgraded the disaster management response level and established disaster control room in PHQ Quetta and coordinated with other stakeholders.

The situation is evolving in most of areas, falling snow and cold weather where people are still in stranded condition and waiting for assistance. Assessments continues to be carried out in most affected districts; and 6 teams have already been deployed in affected areas and assessments are in progress and teams shared the initial information to PHQ. The findings of the PRCS assessment teams, the critical problems faced by the affected population are as under:

  • Provision of basic (primary) health care services through mobile health units (MHUs).

  • Provision of cash grants for immediate food needs (markets are functioning).

  • Provision of safe drinking water through water purification tablet and household (HH) level water filter.

Summary of the current Response

As per the need, PRCS, Balochistan branch distributed 10,000 sleeping bags and 5000 Blankets in affected areas namely Mastung and Kalat through helicopter operation and non-food items for 7,000 people distributed in Kharan.

Provincial Disaster Management Authorities(PDMA) has also distributed food and other necessary essentials (tarpaulin, sheets, blankets etc.) and supported the districts affected by recent disaster.